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Is your facility a licensed applied behavior (ABA) provider?

Yes, All About ABA is a professionally trained licensed provider for applied behavior therapy. All About ABA is a safe place for parents and children to learn new information through reputable resources.

What treatment options does All About ABA provide?

All About ABA offers in-home care and autism therapy tailored to meet clients’ needs. Children between the ages of two and eighteen can receive in-home applied behavior analysis services. In-home therapy sessions are designed specifically around the child’s goals and difficulties. Children don’t follow cookie-cutter molds, as each one is unique.

What should I expect from autism therapy in Indianapolis?

No two therapy plans are alike at All About ABA. Our ABA therapists in Indianapolis engage in hands-on experiences with families, and parents are encouraged to participate as much as possible for optimal results. Therapists initiate play-based skill-building to strengthen social and communication skills. Therapy plans may also include life and community skills, but all age-appropriate goals.

Why is in-home ABA therapy for children effective?

Indiana ABA therapy attempts to achieve customized primary goals, such as reducing behavioral challenges. Learning to navigate new strategies is much easier with the assistance of a trained professional. Through positive reinforcement and various other techniques, therapists help kids build independence and valuable life skills. Working in a child’s home environment leaves them feeling more secure, making them more apt to tune into the therapy plan.

Does in-home ABA therapy present safety concerns?

In-home ABA therapy from All About ABA is one hundred percent safe, as each therapist must meet state requirements to join the company. Parents are highly encouraged to interact and remain present during therapy sessions. When parents and therapists unite, children usually achieve long-term progress. Helping children grow in a safe environment is our company’s primary goal.

How much does autism therapy cost?

ABA therapy costs vary substantially, but insurance coverage plays a significant role in managing therapy costs. Since out-of-pocket charges greatly range, it is best to contact your insurance company directly and discuss financial options with one of our company’s specialists. All About ABA’s team will do whatever possible to help Indianapolis children receive the assistance they need to thrive.

Why pick All About ABA?

Parents choose All About ABA because our staff has experience and compassion. Additionally, our facility employs trained professionals you can trust. With certified case managers looking out for your child’s best interest, you will remain thoroughly involved in the therapy process.

What are the benefits of in-home therapy?

In-home therapy provides kids with a familiar atmosphere to best utilize the skill lessons. Clinicians work closely with parents and caregivers to offer support and answers to complex questions. Treatment plans are customizable, teaching flexibility and transitioning skills.

How do I get started?

There has never been an ideal time to contact All About ABA to schedule your first appointment. Please don’t hesitate to dial 844-525-5226 to speak with a company representative. Effective ABA treatment awaits you at All About ABA.

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