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aba staffAll About ABA provides outstanding and comprehensive care for children with autism through the excellent training of the clinical team. Their understanding and implementation of applied behavior analysis allows them to create positive behavioral change by altering a child’s environment. Positive reinforcement is always utilized, and children are encouraged and uplifted by our children’s behavior technicians.

At the heart of what we help children accomplish is our excellent ABA staff. Our children’s behavioral clinical team go above and beyond to ensure that all children feel safe and comfortable. If you are the parent of a child with autism and would like to know more about our autism treatment staff, reach out to us today by calling 844.525.5226 or completing our online contact form.

Our ABA Staff

The children’s behavior technicians at All About ABA are committed to providing the best care possible for children with autism. We have the ability to help children learn skills that they need as they get older in the setting where they feel most comfortable. Our team understands that disruptions to the lives of children with autism can be unsettling for them. Based upon the recommendations of the behavioral treatment plan, our autism treatment staff is available to work with children:

  • At home
  • In the community
  • Telehealth sessions

As a team we collaborate with the family to address their primary concerns and when appropriate we are flexible to provide services with whatever is best for children and their families. When appropriate, our use of applied behavior analysis is flexible enough to be used in all of these settings.

About Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied behavior analysis, also known as ABA, uses positive reinforcement to reinforce desired behaviors and lessen socially inappropriate or challenging behaviors. One of the best qualities of applied behavior analysis is that it is so flexible. All of the children who work with one of our ABA staff will be assessed so that we can design a customized program that meets their needs.

Our Clinical Team

Clinical Supervisor (CS):

A highly trained Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst (BCBA) is an expert in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). They conduct assessments, create a behavioral intervention plan, identify medically necessary goals, recommend the prescribed hours, create the programs on how to implement the goals, monitor the progress of the child, make modifications to programs, provide supervision of the technicians, ensure programs and data collection is accurate, create 6 month reports to update the families and healthcare provider, stay up to date on advances in ABA strategies, address parental concerns related to patient care, and provide parent education meetings. Will be observing the client 5%-10% of prescribed hours in a month, which is typically weekly or bi-weekly observations.

Behavioral Technician/Registered Behavioral Technician (BT/RBT/Technician):

Expertly trained in ABA strategies of how to identify and implement the behavioral treatment plan prescribed by the CS with challenging behaviors including proactive strategies, teaching strategies, and reactive strategies. The technicians are also trained to play with the child, simultaneously implement all prescribed goals in both natural environmental training and discrete trial training. Additionally, they will collect data of challenging behaviors, the independence of the child-if the child performed the skill independently or to document the type of prompt needed for success, and write session notes regarding what occurred in the session. The technicians come as scheduled but will typically provide services the most frequently Monday-Saturday.

Session Structure

Arrival: The BT/RBT will arrive to your home as scheduled hours, he or she will greet you and your family. They may ask questions about how your child slept, how he or she did with goals outside of session, and if there was anything that could affect them in session that day. If you could please let them know anything that happened out of the ordinary it would be greatly appreciated, as BT/RBT’s really like to know and benefits from knowing this information as it will help them identify how session will go and what activities should be utilized. They will set up their materials and login into their technological devices.

Duration of Session: The sessions are guided by a prescribed treatment plan tailored specifically for you and your family member which includes treatment goals and a behavioral intervention plan. These plans guide the therapist’s in how to run the desired programs to increase the skills of your child.

  • Examples:
    • Teaching a child to request: Assuming the child can say the word, the BT and child could be playing with a toy. The BT may say something like my turn and put their hand over the toy, look at the child expectantly, and wait. If the child doesn’t say the toy within 3-5 seconds, they may prompt the first sound of the word or the whole word. If the child says the word, the therapist will provide access to the toy and praise right away.
    • Teaching to identify a body part: A BT and child may be singing head shoulder’s knees and toes. The therapist may say “Where’s your head?” and wait for the child to touch their head. If the child does not touch head the BT may touch their own head and say “head”. When the child touches their head, they will provide praise and continue to sing the song.
    • Teaching a child to imitate: A BT may be playing with toys. The BT says my turn. The child hands over the toy and the BT says “Do this” the BT claps their hands. If the child does not have an imitation skill it make be recommended in the treatment plan that the BT immediately provides a full physical prompts to clap their hands and provides the toy back.
    • Teaching a child to tie shoes: A BCBA will break down each of the steps and the BT will take data and track which steps the child is showing progress in. The BT may untie their own shoe and model how to tie their shoe. The child will be reinforced for completing the expected steps. This means the child may only need to complete one step before getting reinforced. A natural opportunity maybe a therapist having the child put on their shoes to go into the backyard. A contrived opportunity may be asking the child to put their shoes on to just practice.
  • Please know that every child is different. The skills they have may not reflect in these examples and challenging behaviors may occur within any of these examples. The BCBA will tailor the program to your child’s needs so they can provide the appropriate prompting, make sure the expectations of the child are not too high, may focus on more functional language first, and many other adjustments can be incorporated.
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Departure: The last 10-15 minutes of session the technician is expected to clean up, write their case note about the session, finish inputting collection, and answer questions you might have regarding the session. At the end of every session the technician and the clinical supervisor will ask you to sign on their technological device which states the date and times they provided the service. The case note will be a summary of any changes that occurred outside of the session, any challenging behaviors that occurred, the procedures that were used to respond, the progress of the skills, and any other medically pertinent information. If you have any questions and/or concerns about what is written in a case note, please reach out to the CS.

We also offer parent education, which the BCBA and BT can model how to implement these skills and also how to work through challenging behaviors. This will give parents and children the opportunity to learn to communicate more effectively. Once families gain these communication skills, they feel closer to each other. A stable home environment is an essential component for children with autism to succeed. So, the family training available at All About ABA helps keep the entire family on the same page. Our ABA staff is standing by to help.

Meet Our ABA Staff by Scheduling an Appointment Today

The children’s clinical team at All About ABA have years of experience helping children with autism reach their goals. As ABA faculty, we are committed to compassionate and comprehensive care for these children, and our autism treatment staff is ready to help. If you are the parent of a child with autism and would like to know more about our ABA staff, reach out to our team today. Contact us by calling 844.525.5226 or completing our online form and we will provide you with any information you may need.