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Sex Addict Therapy Chicago

Where is the line between healthy sexual experimentation and addiction? Most of us do not know how to break free of the limited concepts surrounding sex without first plunging knee-deep into something we did not have any business getting into. It is essential to know that healthy sex always stems from a place of self-love first, even if you deeply love your partner.

We do not say this to mean there is a specific way to practice sex, and loving sex does not mean you are automatically an addict. This analogy means that the best way of how to treat sex addiction is to attune to your most self-loving thoughts while looking deep into your partner's interests.

Signs of a sex addict that needs sex addiction treatment.

Most people realize they have an addiction when they cannot stop cheating and go out of their way to indulge in their kinks. Sex addiction is just like any other. It could cost you your job, marriage, and mental health because you are overdosing on dopamine and ecstasy, so eliminating them causes mental and emotional distress. Talk to someone as soon as possible if you notice the following symptoms.

Signs you need sex addict therapy.

Living a double life

Here is the thing; cheating does not make you an addict. We hate to say it, but our job is to give you the clinical definition of addiction before getting into questions of morality and fairness. Cheating with the sole intent of getting into sexual proclivities, especially with a series of women, is a definite sign of addiction. The addiction is completely blown out of proportion when you lie as much as possible to try and cover up what people already know. This stage starts a significant emotional and mental outcry, which will happen as soon as the sexual activity and secrecy no longer satisfy your craving.

You do not mind exploiting others.

Sexual addiction is the trigger behind all sexual-related crimes. Willing to cross the boundaries of basic humanity such as consent is a sign that you are on the path towards addiction. Do not lead up to sex if you think it is customary to abandon them immediately afterward and continue the pattern with as many more people afterward. We care about what is happening in your mind and want to help you get to a point where you can pursue sex within normal and healthy social patterns.

Do not care about consequences.

Compulsive sexual behavior fits into the same framework as any other addiction, which means you do not care about the drug's effect until it is too late. This could like spending your rent or mortgage money to pursue sexual satisfaction, risking job loss by having it in the office regularly, or risking STDs because you would rather have it even if you do not have protection. Sex addicts mess up in more ways than one, and it may be time for sex addict therapy if you keep losing control of your life to your physical urges.

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Sex Addict Therapy Chicago