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Senior Pictures Houston

Your senior pictures are among the most significant photos you’ll ever take in your life. We deliver an unparalleled senior photo experience within the community of professional photographers near Houston. The expressiveness and uniqueness of the images we create are unmatched.

We don’t merely take photos of seniors; we create masterpieces of art with seniors as the subjects! Our senior pictures are head and shoulders above the rest because of our creativity, sense of style, technical abilities, interpersonal skills, and desire to be the crème de la crème.

We believe studio portraiture as an art form is on the decline. An increasing number of “photographers” are opting against learning “studio lighting” entirely due to its complexity and the expensive equipment. In our Houston portrait studios, expert photographers bring your images to life.

Our studio photography services involve a lot of preparation and planning. First, we interact with you to understand your likes and dislikes and the personality you hope to bring out in your senior photos. We will discuss your style with you and help you select the best outfit for your photos. Our various packages let you choose the number of outfits and the location for your photo-shoot.

When preparing for a session, we factor many things into our thinking. In addition to the relaxation of the subject, we endeavor to get light into the seniors’ eyes for them to sparkle and bring out their personalities.


The most ideal way to achieve that is to engage professional photographers like us. Having perfected our craft over many years, we are best placed to understand what makes a great photo. As a casual photographer, you’ll, every once in a while, unwittingly take a photo that’s very close to, if not professional, quality. As professional photographers, on the other hand, we don’t leave it to chance but rather rely on our expertise and experience to consistently create high-quality pictures.

Choosing a pose that brings out your spirit and energy while at the same time helping you look good can be quite challenging. We can help you in this regard. As much as we appreciate the uniqueness of each person, our many engagements with seniors have brought to the fore common concerns that come up frequently. As such, we are best placed to know how your pose can be employed to bring out the best in you.

With a world-class studio equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, we offer some of the best headshot photography in Houston, TX.

The production of an image is equally as important as the taking of the picture. Family and friends will keep your senior pictures as mementos to hold and look at in the future. You require a print that will last longer and maintain its attractive appearance for years to come. Our high-quality prints look and feel sophisticated and are very durable.

You may also wish to take photos with family and friends. Family photography is among the services we offer. Our attention to detail is what separates us from other Houston family photographers.

Please reach out to Allison Wilkins at Evin Thayer Studios at 713-524-0199 or email [email protected] for quality photography services.






Senior Pictures Houston

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Senior Pictures Houston

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