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Rehab Colmar Pennsylvania

At Montco Recovery Center, we take a unique approach to addiction treatment, because addiction is never a single disorder. Instead, addiction is always a symptom of a deeper-rooted problem. Therefore, treating addiction without treating the underlying causes of addiction is comparable to taking an aspirin for a tumor. If you or someone you know is looking for a quality rehab in Colmar, Pennsylvania, be sure to check out Montco Recovery.

Montco Recovery is the best rehab in Colmar, Pennsylvania, in part, because of our industry-leading addiction treatment services. Our addiction specialists are highly trained and among the most experienced in the region. At Montco Recovery, we’ve seen it all. We’ve seen rehab after rehab, both locally and nationally, become nothing more than revolving doors whereby patients go in, go out, and go back in again. Our goal at Montco Recovery is to be the best rehab in Colmar Pennsylvania and throughout the nation.

That’s a tall order. How do we do it? We give our patients the tools and resources they need to break the bonds of addiction once and for all. “Once an addict doesn’t necessarily mean always an addict since addiction is only a symptom of a problem. For that reason, Montco Recovery focuses on dual diagnosis treatment.

Getting to the Root of the Problems

If addiction is the tip of the proverbial iceberg, let us give more attention to what’s beneath the surface. Many addicts silently have personality disorders, bipolar disorder, severe depression, and traumatization. Symptoms of these disorders often rear their ugly heads in the form of panic attacks, self-mutilation, flashbacks, social anxiety, suicidal tendencies, hallucinations, and hypervigilance. All of these symptoms can lead to addiction and a wide variety of other life problems.

Hence, at Montco Recovery, we place considerable emphasis on teaching coping skills, prescription medication and medication education, reworking thinking patterns, one-on-one and group counseling, and familial support when available. We take a holistic approach to addiction treatment at our drug rehab in Colmar, Pennsylvania. We incorporate meditation, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectal behavioral therapy (DBT).

DBT Therapy

DBT treatment is a feature of our treatment program at Montco Recovery Center and has been very successful with our patients. DBT is a cognitive-behavioral therapy that teaches mindfulness, tolerance of discomfort, feeling assimilation, and healthy interactions with other people. Because the majority of addicts experience borderline personality disorder, they are often misunderstood. Their mood-swings, troubled lives, and inability to empathize often leads to wrongful impressions. DBT teaches us suffering addicts with useful skills to help stimulate awareness and mend broken relationships.

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If you are looking for the best rehab in Colmar, Pennsylvania, contact Montco Recovery today. We offer partial hospitalization, general outpatient, and intensive outpatient services. Our inpatient and outpatient services are flexible and can be adapted to each patient’s unique needs and situation.
Contact Montco Recovery, the best drug rehab in Colmar, Pennsylvania today to get your life back on track. Don’t wait until it’s too late to ask for help.

Rehab Colmar Pennsylvania