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Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Receiving addiction treatment is the most effective way of getting help for alcohol use disorder (AUD). AUD, also referred to as alcohol dependency or alcoholism, involves uncontrolled drinking. If you suffer from alcoholism, you’ll find it hard to quit drinking despite the negative consequences. Attempts to stop can be accompanied by unpleasant withdrawal symptoms that would discourage you from pursuing sobriety.

Orange County addiction treatment for alcohol provides the best chance of recovery. In addition, timely intervention can halt and fix mental and physical damage caused by alcohol in the body. At Experience Recovery, we have referral partners that offer premier outpatient alcohol rehab in Orange County to individuals wishing to overcome alcoholism in a flexible rehab setting.

Everything You Need to Know About Our Referral Partner's Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Program

At Experience Recovery, we have access to the finest outpatient substance abuse treatment in Santa Ana as an alternative or a continuation to residential treatment. Our referral partner's outpatient program is more flexible and less intensive compared to inpatient treatment. This makes it a great option for guests with mild to moderate alcohol use disorder and those transitioning from intensive care in our residential program.

Treatment at our referral partner's outpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, CA, is provided at different times throughout the week. This allows us to create flexible schedules that fit our clients’ daily routines. Since the sessions in outpatient rehab take place a few hours on selected days and don’t involve night-time care, you’ll be able to attend to your work, family, or school commitments as usual.

During outpatient detox and rehab in Santa Ana, you can stay at home or live in transitional housing. Transitional living provides a stable environment where you can practice the life skills you learned in rehab before going back home and integrating into society. Transitional housing is recommended if you have an unstable home environment that can jeopardize your recovery efforts.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatment modalities as part of outpatient rehabilitation at our referral partner's facility. These include group and individual therapies, accompanied by education and support services. Taking part in these programs enables you to acquire skills necessary for a sober life.

Our top addiction specialists also address co-occurring mental health disorders during outpatient rehab. Otherwise, ignoring mental health issues can make alcoholism treatment ineffective.

Our alcohol rehab program is available to adults and is gender-specific. We categorize our services this way because men and women face distinct challenges that fuel alcohol use. And it is not easy to attend to all the different needs in mixed-gender groups. Additionally, some clients may not be comfortable in such a setting.

Expert Help for Alcoholism

If you have realized you are becoming physically dependent on alcohol, it’s advisable to seek professional alcohol detox and treatment in Santa Ana. At Experience Recovery, our second to none referral partner's outpatient alcohol rehab in Orange County includes treatments that make it possible to overcome addiction and live a healthy, alcohol-free life. Contact Experience Recovery for the best detox and addiction treatment in Orange County: 800-970-3973.

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Orange County

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