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Online Piano Classes

Piano learning has been the dream of so many people. However, many have forgone this dream and relegated it to another time because of the time availability factor. Learning the piano shouldn’t be a skill that should be dismissed because of trivial issues like time constraints, busy schedules, or whatever legitimate issue you may have. There are several options to select from to realize this perfect dream.

Music is life; therefore, it’s one of our foremost concerns. YouSicPlay remains one of the best and greatest online musical training school. We also operate as a one on one training session that deals with individuals’ needs to produce top instrumentalists with preeminent skill sets. Our online piano lessons are targeted at giving principal and supreme musical prowess that is superlative. We’ve highlighted five reasons why you should take your online piano classes with us;

  1. Our Mission

Our mission, as seen, is not targeted at a profit. Instead, it’s aimed at empowering the masses. We’re devoted to training youths whose dream is music, especially those who seem to have lost the hope of reclaiming their dreams. We are not just an online platform; we are a school – a music school. We offer piano classes online to all, and you can be sure our lessons are unbeaten and unexcelled. We are your ultimate music school! 

  1. Time

We offer private sessions that are targeted at your convenience. You can also book one on one session that matches your time structure. And we know this will help take away the “no time” complaints most people seem to have. You can make your own time, and as long as you stick to it, you’re guaranteed to get the best out of the classes. Basically, it is an average of 10 minutes per lesson, and we have 20 lessons in an average class. You can learn piano online from our top-of-the-line tutors.

  1. Our pricing

We have a fixed price of $119/course, one of the cheapest you can ever find, and this can be paid one time. We guarantee you it is worth the money. As low as our price may seem, it is value for the money you’ll be getting.

  1. Lesson plan

We offer the best online piano courses, and this is evident through our all-inclusive lesson outline. We offer an average of 20 lessons per course. All these lessons are targeted at breaking down the problematic aspects of the training. We developed unique lesson plans for our online piano lessons for beginners, which helps beginners get as much as possible and give them the training that can transform them into ultimate piano players.

  1. Our Instructors

We can cover more ground because we employ several awards winning professionals to train our students. We believe you can find the music in you when you learn from the world’s best musicians who you look up to. Shedrick Mitchell, Cory Henry, Jesus Molina are a few of our more popular piano instructors.

We are the foremost musical training school. In short, we provide online piano classes with top-notch lessons. We produce ideal musical students who, in turn, take the world by storm with their musical talents and prowess. Give your dream wings today. Contact YouSicPlay to learn music from the world’s best musicians: You’ll forever be glad you took that leap.