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Foot Specialist In Marble Falls

Have you been referred to a foot specialist in Marble Falls? Before you select the first orthopedic clinic you find online, consider taking a few minutes and looking into our quality care at Phillips Orthopedic Associates. As a foot specialist, Dr. Paul Phillips III has the expertise you seek for diagnosis and treatment if you’ve suffered a foot injury or need surgery or rehabilitation or trauma care. Don’t hesitate to contact our clinic to set up a consultation with our medical staff to begin your journey to healing.

What Does a Foot Specialist Do?

Foot care specialists are referred to as podiatrists in the medical sector; they’re trained and tasked with diagnosing and treating abnormalities of the feet and lower limbs, preventing and correcting deformities, providing pain relief, treating infections, healing injuries, and improving mobility for patients. General care podiatrists typically see patients for common issues, such as ingrown toenails, calluses, minor injuries, or heel spurs. For severe problems, it’s well-advised to see a foot specialist in Marble Falls. There’s no one better to provide treatment than Dr. Paul Phillips III.

Do I Need a Referral to See a Foot Specialist?

The typical course of action for seeing any type of medical specialist is to first discuss any medical issues with your primary care doctor. If, after an examination, it’s determined that you would benefit from seeing someone with a more specialized focus, your doctor will provide a referral to a local expert in the field of question. Talk to your doctor about foot pain, problems, injuries, or other issues to determine whether there is a simple and effective way to minimize pain or speed healing. If you need to see a foot specialist in Marble Falls, contact us with your doctor’s referral to book a meeting with our team.

Insurance Accepted by Phillips Orthopedic Associates:

  • Medicare
  • Humana Choicecare
  • Cigna PPO
  • Aetna Medicare Advantage PPO
  • BCBS Pro
  • Galaxy Health Network
  • Healthsmart
  • PRMC Employees
  • Tricare East
  • USA Managed Care
  • United Health Care
  • Secure Horizons
  • Children’s Medicaid
  • And many others

Reach out to our front desk staff with any questions or to verify your insurance plan prior to your first visit. You’ll find a wealth of patient information located on our website, as well, including patient forms, FAQs, services provided, and doctor information.

Get to Know Us

Click the ‘Doctor’ link on our homepage to meet our very own Dr. Paul Phillips III and read about his healing mission. If you need advice from a foot specialist in Marble Falls, require a thorough examination, or need surgery to repair damage or correct a problem, Dr. Phillips is the right call. Getting started is easy- simply fill out a new patient form on our site with the necessary information and we’ll get in touch with you soon. If you need to speak with someone from the office, we’re happy to help in any way to ensure you have access to the quality orthopedic care you deserve.

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Foot Specialist In Marble Falls

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