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Drug Assessment Denver

If you are looking for drug assessment Denver, take the time to read what we have to offer. At Valiant Living, we understand that assessment is an integral part of recovery from addiction – it helps us to develop a custom plan to meet each client's unique needs. We believe in taking the time to really listen to each individual person and assess their condition comprehensively.

An effective treatment plan blends both physical and psychological health, and understanding the complexity of each person's circumstances is key to providing successful long-term recovery. Our seasoned team has the knowledge and skills needed to provide a thorough evaluation for individuals of all backgrounds and addictions, allowing them to get back on track with confidence.

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At the Detox Center of Colorado, we understand that addiction and mental health issues are multifaceted – to form an optimal treatment plan, it is necessary to observe each individual in detail. Our drug assessment Denver strives towards this goal by connecting with clients, their families, and medical specialists upon intake so as to gain a thorough insight into their struggles with substance abuse or psychiatric ailments. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery, however, the evaluation process can help guarantee a successful treatment outcome by uncovering the magnitude of the struggle and any potential underlying factors that could be contributing to emotional or behavioral issues.

Our Evaluation Process

Our expansive and customized assessment process is meant to identify any intricate issues relating to mental health, addiction, lifestyle, or trauma. Leveraging this knowledge allows us to create a treatment plan that gives each person the best opportunity for sustained sobriety in the long term.

At our facility, we understand that the decision to seek treatment for mental illness or addiction is an important milestone. We provide a team of highly qualified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals who work collaboratively to ensure our clients receive the best possible care in a safe and loving environment. Our dedicated staff is passionate about providing compassionate care from start to finish so individuals can feel comfortable knowing their needs will be met with exceptional support.

About our Director of Evaluation Services

Andy Sethi is passionate about providing a judgment-free environment of support while aiding individuals with substance abuse and mental health diagnoses on their journey to recovery. He knows that shame often stands in the way of receiving help, which can be crucial for managing life's difficulties related to acute or chronic conditions. Andy strives to create an understanding atmosphere so his clients feel safe and have access to the resources they need most.

For over a decade, Andy has been an invaluable asset in the addiction treatment and mental health field. With his Master of Counseling Psychology degree from Naropa University and certification in addiction counseling, he can expertly assist individuals traversing the entire continuum of care – from detox to outpatient therapy.

Why You Should Choose Us

At Valiant Living Detox and Assessment, we understand that everyone's needs are unique. That is why our highly trained professionals work diligently to ensure they provide the best possible service catered to your individual experiences while ensuring the utmost trustworthiness when it comes to sensitive information. When choosing us for your drug assessment in Denver, you can rest assured knowing that you'll be in good hands as you start on your journey toward healing!

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