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Country Walk Urgent Care

Tips to Finding the Best Country Walk Urgent Care Facility:

Tip #1: Determine whether the facility truly meets your needs. A medical clinic that doesn’t offer the services you need when it counts is only just another local clinic in the eyes of the community. A facility that is interested in meeting the needs of their patients is a benefit to the community, and is not as easy to find as you might think. Family Medical Clinic invites you to visit their website and see what they have to offer. You’ll find a full spectrum of care, from urgent treatment to primary and specialty care, as well as an in-house lab for prompt state of the art testing.

Tip #2: A Country Walk Urgent Care facility that cares about the community will demonstrate their interest by making their services convenient for their patients. For example, Family Medical Clinic does not require appointments, so you can walk in any time their facility is open and expect exceptional treatment from their staff. They know their patients don’t always have time to make a call to schedule treatment, especially following an accident or an injury that is unexpected. In fact, FMC will document your accident and notify your insurance company with the proper medical reports, then connect you with legal representation to handle your case.

Tip #3: Make certain your urgent care facility has an in-house lab for accurate diagnosis of your injuries and prompt screening and testing. Family Medical Clinic performs EKGs, Ultrasounds, Lab Testing, Drug Screening and much more, right at their facility for prompt treatment when it’s needed. If your current Country Walk urgent care clinic doesn’t provide lab work on-site, or you find you’re having to wait too long at the ER for these services, contact FMC or stop by when you’re in the neighborhood.

Tip #4: Find out if your urgent care clinic also specializes in primary and specialty care services. If you can’t count on your urgent care facility to treat your family in times that may not be considered an emergency, but are important to their health, keep looking. Family Medical Clinic offers a host of general family medical treatment options, with services including Gynecology, Pediatrics, PT, Preventative Medicine, Health Programs, and much more. Let the caring staff at FMC take care of your loved ones with state of the art care at a single facility that can treat illness, injury and accidents.

Family Medical Clinic is centrally located at 9000 SW 137th Ave, #111, Miami, FL. No other Country Wall Urgent Care is more convenient to get to, or more committed to treating you and your family with the latest treatment options. Schedule an appointment by calling 305-603-7824, or feel free to walk in if you need care. Trust the #1 local medical facility more patients trust with their families’ care and experience shorter wait times and cost-savings over the ER.

Things You Should Know About Country Walk Urgent Care Clinics

country walk urgent careUnfortunately, no one can schedule their accident and illness to fit within their daily routine conveniently. You might have some emergencies that might happen after the office of your physician has closed, and you will be left without your normal system of medical support. Fortunately, there are country walk urgent clinics that provide exceptional medical care to people that need medical care during off hours.Although, the physician you …

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Country Walk Urgent Care

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