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Cal OSHA Appeals

Why Trust OSHA Safety Manuals With your Cal. Osha Appeals:

If OSHA has come knocking on the door of your business, we are ready to defend you. Our regulatory compliance consultant, Mike Rubel, brings more than 25 years of expertise to the table to ensure your success. As the founder of the National Compliance Institute, Mike specializes in bringing small to medium size businesses into compliance with OSHA on both state and federal levels. Trust us with your OSHA appeals issues for a superior outcome.

Have you received a Cal/OSHA citation or experienced a fatality or serious injury at your place of business? If so, you’ll receive a notification in writing of citations or penalties that may be imparted to your business. Once you receive the notification, time is of the essence, as you have only 15 business days to pay the penalties or contest the citation. If you fail to contest the citation within this constriction of time, the penalty will be confirmed as final and you’ll have no further recourse. Let us help. We’re available for Cal OSHA appeals to help you navigate the challenges of receiving an OSHA citation.

OSHA’s compliance officials have the power to obtain search warrants for your place of business, can seek complaints from the DA, and can testify against you in front of a criminal court trial or in front of the OSHA Appeals Board. If an OSHA official should show up at your work site, it’s imperative that you give one of our experts a call at 855-674-2626. Ask our OSHA MAN what the next course of action should be regarding your OSHA visit or an OSHA citation you’ve received. Our proven track record is an indication that we have what it takes to reduce and/or eliminate your OSHA citation and any associated penalties, while helping you get your business back in compliance with OSHA.

You can take a closer look at an actual OSHA citation on our website to get a better understanding of the seriousness of the situation you’re facing. The proposed penalty for our sample citation is $18,000, something that could be greatly reduced or possibly eliminated altogether if our agency should step in and intercede for the company.

As highly experienced OSHA defenders, our specialists can assist you in establishing full OSHA compliance within the timeframe necessary. As a premier Cal OSHA appeals service provider, we offer a deeper level of service than you’ll find at most other agencies, including OSHA training and assistance in obtaining OSHA certification for new businesses.

If you need OSHA training or safety manuals for your business, we’re a one-stop source for those as well. We custom create safety manuals to make it easier for your company to stay compliant with regulations that are unique to your particular industry. Call our Cal OSHA appeals experts on the OSHA MAN hotline now and receive free advice from someone you can trust.


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Cal OSHA Appeals

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