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Bipolar Treatment Newport Beach

LIDO Wellness Center offers unsurpassed bipolar treatment in Newport Beach using innovative and science-based therapies. Our therapists possess the highest educational training and clinical experience to help you overcome your mental health problems and attain improved psychological wellness.

Signs You Should Seek Treatment For Depression

Depression can occur in episodes. During a depressive episode, you may experience the symptoms for several hours a day, including:

  1. Experiencing feelings of sadness, tearfulness, emptiness, and hopelessness
  2. Angry outbursts, irritability, and frustration over tiny matters
  3. Loss of interest in performing everyday activities, hobbies, sports, sex, etc.
  4. Lack of sleep or sleeping for a long duration
  5. Tiredness and lack of energy
  6. Reduced appetite leading to weight loss or increased food cravings causing weight gain
  7. Anxiety, agitation or restlessness, etc.

Besides, individuals with depression also suffer from slow thinking, feelings of worthlessness or guilt, poor concentration, and suicidal thoughts. Seek help from one of the leading trauma treatment facilities at the earliest if you suffer from one or more depression symptoms.

How Can I Prevent Depression?

Unfortunately, there is no sure way to foresee depression and prevent it or prepare for it. The only way to safely manage or overcome depression is by signing up for a PTSD treatment program. However, you may take a few steps to maintain good mental health, such as:

  1. Control stress by practicing yoga or meditation regularly.
  2. Attend therapy to increase your resilience and boost your self-esteem.
  3. Reach out to friends and family during a crisis.
  4. Seek PTSD treatment in Orange County the moment you begin experiencing any signs of depression.

If you have been diagnosed with depression in the past, sign up for long-term maintenance treatment to prevent a relapse. Eat a well-balanced meal and engage in at least 20 minutes of physical exercise every day to preserve your physical and mental health.

Why Should I Seek Help For Depression?

Depression is a mental health condition that you should not take lightly. Leaving it untreated can take a terrible toll on you, your loved ones, and your quality of life. Not to mention, depression can get worse if you do not seek PTSD and trauma treatment in the early stages. Untreated depression can trigger additional emotional, behavioral, and health problems.

Seeking timely help for depression from one of the trauma and PTSD treatment centers can help you overcome your mental health issue and help you lead a healthy, happy, and satisfying life. It can also prevent several health complications that would otherwise arise because of depression, including:

  • Excess weight gain or obesity
  • Heart disease and diabetes
  • Pain or physical illness
  • Alcohol or drug misuse
  • Anxiety
  • Panic disorder or social phobia
  • Family conflicts
  • Relationship struggles
  • Problems at work or school
  • Suicidal feelings, etc.

If you experience the symptoms of a mental health disorder, seek bipolar treatment in Newport Beach at the earliest to prevent adverse health implications. Leaving bipolar untreated can lead to problems like drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal behaviors, legal and financial troubles, damaged relationships, and poor performance at work and school. Call LIDO Wellness Center at 949-541-8466 for a safe and successful recovery from your mental disorder.

Bipolar Treatment Newport Beach