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Animal Vet Waxahachie

There are many reasons why your pet needs the care and attention that only an animal vet in Waxahachie can provide. From the moment you bring your pet home, they depend on you for nutritional food, a safe place to live and sleep, and the love and affection that comes from a caring pet owner. Your pet needs occasional examinations and vaccinations, too; simply providing a safe haven is not enough to ensure your pet enjoys a long and healthy life. Animal Hospital of Ovilla can provide what your pet needs to stay happy and healthy.

3 Reasons to Establish a Relationship With an Animal Vet in Waxahachie

1. Pet owners who only bring their pets in to a clinic when they’re sick or injured are doing an injustice to their pets. One of the greatest benefits of allowing a vet to get to know your pet is that the animal hospital will maintain accurate records of vaccinations, illness history, and other unique attributes regarding your pet’s health. Allergies, diseases, and even your pet’s personality will all be recorded to ensure exceptional care in the future.

At A.H. of Ovilla, we treat all pets like part of our family; we want to take the time to get to know both you and your pet so that visits to the vet are not traumatic. Our staff will better know how to care for your dog, cat, mouse, reptile, or exotic pet when we get to see them on a routine basis.

2. Many vets are overbooked as a result of Covid. While pet clinics always do their best to offer medical and preventive care to every pet, established clients and emergency situations will always come first. For this reason, it’s beneficial for your pet to create a rapport with an animal vet in Waxahachie. Schedule your pet’s wellness visits, vaccinations, grooming sessions, and dental care ahead of time to be certain they’ll receive prompt attention from our vet.

3. The happiest household pets are those who are regularly exposed to people and situations that are outside of the norm. Allowing your pet to be loved and petted by strangers in a safe atmosphere is an important part of pet training. We recommend starting young, at the kitten or puppy stage. A.H. of Ovilla’s in-house grooming can help your pet enjoy the company of people outside of your family while learning some positive behavior techniques.

Access free resources on our website, including our exhaustive Pet Health Article Library that is filled with helpful information about your pet. Search articles by keyword or browse by pet breed, species, or topic. Feel free to contact our pet clinic at 972-617-9996 to schedule a pet wellness exam.

Animal Vet Waxahachie

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