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Individualized ABA services for children with autism

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  • Many insurances accepted, including Medicaid
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  • Easy enrollment
  • Flexible payment options
  • Many insurances accepted, including Medicaid
  • Guided process

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We’re committed to helping families enjoy a better home environment. Our clinical teams in New Jersey and Indiana are waiting to meet you.

Our Approach

We use proven Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) methods to guide our work, helping children master important skills in a playful setting.

Our Aim

Seeing every child thrive is our passion. We work hard at delivering quality care and look forward to meeting valuable goals together

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Our team of experienced professionals is here for you. We understand the challenges autism presents and are committed to making services easily accessible. That’s why our enrollment process is quick and easy to navigate.

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Through ABA therapy your child will be on track for success.

Why ABA?

The Challenge

Children with ASD process information differently from children with typical development. They show delays in communication, social skills, and behavioral regulation. When triggered, they can become withdrawn or aggressive, exhibit repetitive behaviors, or injure themselves.

The Solution

ABA is a scientific method of understanding human behavior and how it is affected by the environment. Behavior analysts utilize research and evidence-based strategies to understand the child’s world and help improve behavior. With consistent and appropriate intervention, our clients master critical skills that enable them to grow into happy and successful adults.

Our expertise + your parental insight are the perfect combo for optimal results.

See why families like yours choose All About ABA.

When it comes to getting support for your child, you won’t take ‘good enough’. Neither do we.

With us, you can expect the kind of commitment to progress that will help your child integrate better in every setting. Our work is guided by data and our professional experience – both of which are undisputed.

Our ABA interventions have been proven to help children:
  • Increase language and communication skills
  • Improve focus
  • Minimize self-injurious behaviors
  • Decrease problem behaviors
  • Enhance social and adaptive daily living (ADL) skills

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